​             Suzanne Lee Prince Foundation  

  • ​​​​​​You can help by ...​

  • - sharing this site & spread the information about vulvar cancer

  • - invite SLPF as a presenter at your meetings/conventions


​Vulvar Cancer is rare & not well-studied.

SLPF secondary mission is to

encourage the scientific community  to conduct more research to better understand vulvar cancers ... that can lead to treatment guidelines

& ultimately a cure.

​​Vulvar Cancer is rising!

The American Cancer Society estimates that this year (2017),

6120 cases of Vulvar Cancer will result in 1150 deaths...

 equivalent to 17 diagnoses, and approximately 3 to 4 deaths, per day.

These statistics are for the United States alone! 

​​​​​Suzanne Lee Prince Foundation

recognizes the lack of information

about Vulvar Cancer.

SLPF primary mission is to 

promote awareness of Vulvar Cancers... 

  • - through this website
  • ​- through presentations to groups
  • ​- through handouts/brochures

​​ReKindle Hope for Vulvar Cancer