​             Suzanne Lee Prince Foundation  

​​ReKindle Hope for Vulvar Cancer

​​​​​​​Because vulvar cancer is rare, accounting for about 5% of all female cancers, it is not well-studied. Yet, the American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 333 women may succumb to vulvar cancer in their lifetime.

​Statistically, as noted on chart, incidence and death rates are considered minimal and therefore, vulvar cancer research is not a priority.

​The secondary goal of SLPF is to encourage the scientific community to conduct more research, especially the rare cell types of vulvar cancer, like neuroendocrine cell type. SLPF hopes that a better understanding of vulvar cancers will lead to:

- the establishment of better practices for prevention

and early detection

- the development of treatment guidelines that will improve the quality of life of women affected with vulvar cancer

- and eventually a cure for all vulvar cancers

​SLPF is allocating 50% of donations towards a grant fund that will be administrated by the Foundation for Women Cancers. FWC requires a minimum $25,000 + a $2,500 administrative fee. SLPF has a long way to go.